The General Technician & Broadcast Motion Graphics roles are responsible for operating the cameras (single and multi/remote) for all live and as-live show and shipwide performances. Provides direction and vision mixing for live shows and performances. Oversees video production, editing and post production of all required original programming and content creation. Encodes all material for archive and transmission. This position reports to the Senior Broadcast Technician.

The Senior Broadcast Technician leads the Broadcast team, and facilitates department meetings. Ensures that the operation and programming of broadcast and shipwide control systems, guest and crew TV content, funnel vision TV, and videography and editing is meticulous. Coordinates the engineering and operation of camera, VTR, transmission systems and live multi-camera vision mixing. Programs and maintains the automated scheduling and video server playback systems. Develops daily schedules for the Broadcast Projectionist. Makes necessary updates to the Coolsign media player. Decrypts any new movies and sitcoms for the movie channel and updates the movie schedule for guest staterooms. Coordinates and assists in the preventative maintenance and routine repair of all broadcast and projection equipment including all shipwide televisions.

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